NF Gothic


NF Gothic is a cross between cyberpunk, blackletter, calligraphic brushes, and noir thrillers, with enough flexibility to be used in any project requiring unique display type that catches your audience's attention.

What's Included

  • Three OTF fonts compatible with both Macs and PCs. No special software is required to use these, just download the zip file, unpack it, and open them with your computer's built-in font program.

  • NF Gothic Regular: The standard font, featuring sharp cuts and clean geometric angles, ready to take your designs to the next level.

  • NF Gothic Outline: A special outlined version of the regular font, making it easier to work with outlines without having to rasterize your type (and having to go back and do everything all over again when you want to go in a different direction).

  • NF Gothic Cutout: Inspired by neon signs from the future, this version is composed of a monoweight line with the corners cut out, giving a blocky, lineart style perfect for bringing a neon glow vibe to your compositions.

  • Fonts are in OTF format.