NF Chimaera

NF Chimaera was born out of a need for a workhorse typeface to replace Helvetica, something flexible enough we could use it on anything while still retaining enough character to be instantly recognizable. After looking around at various type styles, we settled on a grotesque as a balance between purity of the letterform and aggressiveness of its simplicity - there is a reason designers often choose grotesques in creating minimal or brutalist works. It needed to work well on the page and on the screen (we use it on our new website), in large display sizes or smaller body sizes. NF Chimaera is the result, and we are confident it will serve you well no matter what you design or who you're designing for.

The process of drawing each letter was an exercise in finding the right balance between simplicity and personality. Chimaera does not want to fade into the background like many grotesque sans-serifs, but subtly influences the design in its own way.

What's Included

- Full Latin character set, including all European diacritics (see the full character set in the preview images)
- One OTF and one TTF font compatible with both Macs and PCs.
- Webfonts in WOFF, WOFF2 and EOT formats for websites and apps.